Our Company

PowerDispatch is an Arizona based, leading software development company, since 2007 with thousands of users around the globe. PowerDispatch is the ideal management software for any field service business, large or small. 


PowerDispatch streamlines the process of dispatching jobs nationwide while giving business owners the ability to easily manage any aspect of their business anytime, anywhere. With this in mind, we at PowerDispatch are working around the clock to provide solutions to our customers’ changing needs.

About PowerDispatch Field Service Management Software



We vision PowerDispatch as a live organism and like such it keeps growing and evolving to encompass newly available technology. A long time ago we saw that there were a lot of improvements that could be made to alleviate the dispatching process and raise business profitability. PowerDispatch’s mission has evolved around this since the beginning stages of the company, focusing on giving our clients the latest applications available for the most up to date and efficient business management workflow.


Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or new feature requests using our friendly contact form. PowerDispatch’s trained technical support team is always here to help! Any question is a good question. Call us, email us or find us on Facebook for a real-time chat and get the answers you need right a way.

Why have so many field service companies already chose PowerDispatch?


Data Security

​It is no secret that the field service industry fuels on competition.  In this kind of environment your contacts are your assets and they should be properly secured. With PowerDispatch, you can be assured that your information is secure at all times. No one has access to your account without your approval, including us! You can always verify this for yourself in the extensive Activity log on your software account.  Read More. 

Customer Service

The PowerDispatch team is known for its professionalism and its unparallel customer service. All of our technical support representatives go through an extensive training period in which they learn about all aspects of the software as well as the company's customer service standards and policies. We believe that any question is a good question and we are always here to help with anything that you may need.  Contact Us.


PowerDispatch's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, yet full featured and provides you with all the tools you need to manage a successful field service business. PowerDispatch gives you the ability to organize your entire business in one place from anywhere in the world. You can dispatch and schedule jobs, track jobs and clients, send and receive emails and sms, view financial reports, get employee performance rates and much more. No more switching back and forth between different software, with PowerDispatch you can do it all in the most efficient way possible. PowerDispatch's Features.



PowerDispatch's development team is not only looking at the here and now. We invest the same time and effort looking ahead to identify new technology and add-ons to improve the software on a constant basis. We always welcome new ideas and requests. You can be sure that any feature requested will be reviewed and considered thoroughly.