Be in control.


Customize the PowerDispatch to fit your field service business needs.

Set unlimited subcontractors and technicians, user permissions, default notifications,

job descriptions, advertising sources and much more.



You decide what each user get to see and edit.

Two groups of users are available: Users and Administrators. Any user that you set under the "Users" group can view the software with only four tabs, so they can not access the Settings, Reports and Share pages. 


More specific permission can be set on this page as well. Simply mark the checkbox of each permission that you want to allow for this user. 


Administrator users, with the permission to 'Edit Users' can edit all the users on the account, including changing passwords and user names, closing user sessions, locking IP Addresses and much more. 


Create Unlimited subcontractors and field agents.


Set commissions, hourly rates, applicable fees, contact information, default notifications, and metro areas to each one of your technicians and companies separately under Settings > Companies/Technicians. 



You will see your companies list in the corresponding dropdown menu on the Add Job page when you enter a new job. Your technicians list will appear here as well, but only the technicians that are set to work for the selected company and in that job's metro will show on the list. 


You only need to set everything once and PowerDispatch will do all the calculations for you every time you close a job. You can access this data any time through your system Reports tab.  Read more about Reports.


PowerDispatch Field Service Software Technicians Settings



Set your own job descriptions, advertising sources, comments and metros under Settings > Jobs. 

Your settings here will appear on your Add Job page in the corresponding dropdown menus and in the comment page. You will also be able to view statistics about your preset advertisings and metros. 


Field Service Jobs Settings



Stay updated at all times with custom notifications. Get Email and/or SMS for any action you choose, including user logins, job status updates, incoming and outgoing messages and much more.

To set Notifications go to Settings > System > set subscribers. 

PowerDispatch Field Service Software - Custom Notifications



With PowerDispatch you choose what information to display on your employees' Payments reports. The reports table will only include the fields that you set and this is what will be emailed out too.      

To set Notifications go to Settings > Reports. 

PowerDispatch Field Service Software - Reports Customization