Security & Full Activity Tracking

Always be sure that your information is secure.

Login to PowerDispatch's secure server online anytime, from anywhere in the world. PowerDispatch has a built in Activity Log that tracks any action performed on your account including user logins with timestamps and IP addresses.

Have peace of mind 




  • Your connection with our server is encrypted with 2048 bit encryption.

  • Complex passwords with at least 8 characters: letters, numbers and capitals are required for all users by default. 

  • All passwords including those for external services are encrypted in the database. 

  • We maintain regular server backups for you as well as giving you the option to export all your data to excel.

Feld Service Management Software Data Security

For maximum control over your users you can set user permissions for each one to control what they can do or see on your account. Learn More.





Lock IP Address is a key feature allowing you to set the IP’s from which your users can login.


Field Service Management Software Lock IP Address & Users Permissions


Track any action that was performed in your account

For maximum security PowerDispatch gives you the ability to view any actions performed on your account in one simple Activity log. ​Use the filters on the top of the Activities page to search for activities related to a specific event type, user, date and/or job ID. 


The Activities Log is being updated by the system automatically and no user is able to change or delete the registered feeds. Therefore, you always get the most accurate information, which allows you to know exactly who changed jobs, logged in, edited settings and so on.  


You also have the option to choose which users can view the Activities on your account. Once a job was created in the system, only the users with this permission will see an "Activities" button on the Add Job page. This button is a shortcut to the Activities Log of each specific job and you can use it to view how a job was modified from beginning to end, and by which users.



Field Service Management Software Activity Tracking



PowerDispatch's support staff does not access customer data unless requested by the customer to interact with his data for support purposes. All access is accompanied by customer approval and any actions performed on customer accounts are supervised and documented for quality assurance purposes. For your convenience you are able to view any actions performed by PowerDispatch's technical support representative under your Activities Log. 



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