Job & Client Tracking

Track your jobs in a view that fits you. 


PowerDispatch's Jobs Board allows you to find jobs quickly

with the ability to browse in three different views: list, calendar, and map.

PowerDispatch Tracking: Jobs Board Map View
PowerDispatch Job Tracking: Jobs Board List View
PowerDispatch Job Tracking: Jobs Board Calendar View



Map view is a great solution for companies that cover a large area. They give you an overview of all your jobs according to the location that you define.  Start typing your address, choose from the list and you'll see the map view change automatically. To see the job details simply click on each pin. Whenever you are ready to edit the job click on the Job ID and you will be directed to the Add Job page.


PowerDispatch Field Service Software Jobs Board Map View



View your jobs on a calendar by clicking on the Calendar tab. In this view you'll see only the appointments and billing jobs so you can stay ahead of your schedule. To add a job to a certain date, simply click on the Add Job button. This will redirect you to the Add Job tab and will prefill your appointment date.


PowerDispatch Field Service Software Jobs Board Calendar View



Here you will find a list of all your jobs organized by their status. You can filter your Jobs board by date, technician, metro, zip code, address and much more. If you wish to edit any job simply click on it and you'll be redirected to the Add Job page. 


PowerDispatch Field Service Software Jobs Board List View



PowerDispatch's goal is to make sure your job is easier. Use the filters on the top of this page to customize your Jobs Board, so you can see what you want when you need it.



PowerDispatch Field Service Software Jobs Board Filters



For each job on your Jobs Board you can assign a color and a flag of your choice. This will help you and your dispatchers to sort jobs easily and quickly. Many of our clients choose their own color schemes to match their office workflow. Colors are commonly used to distinquish among different metros, job status, technicians and job types.

PowerDispatch Field Service Software Jobs Board Colors and Flags



When you use PowerDispatch nothing goes missing. Any job that was ever entered into our system could be easily located in PowerDispatch's comprehensive Search Tab. Find old clients and jobs by phone number, job totals, address, technician and much more. Once you find the job you need click on it and edit it as you wish. 



PowerDispatch Field Service Software Extensive Search Options