Carpet Cleaning Software

Introducing the leading software in the carpet cleaning industry! PowerDispatch will show you what it is like to have six hands. Literally, this software is meant to completely automate the job scheduling, tracking, and reporting services that your company needs to run smoothly.

Maybe right now you are just a 2-man company with a van and supplies running out of a home or small office. Suddenly, your new marketing strategy takes off and you’ve become quite popular in a few neighborhoods. Now it is no longer a pen and paper reporting system that can be filed at the end of the day when you went out yourself to do one or two jobs. Now you have up to 3 or 4 jobs a day. This is where PowerDispatch Lite could save your day.

PowerDispatch Lite will offer you full job scheduling, invoice creation, reporting, and customization that you need, but at any time that you want. Now you can take 1 day a week, or a few hours a day to input all your data and completely eliminate the need for paperwork and countless hours sorting payments and future appointments over the weekend.

Now you have so many customers that word of mouth is growing your business even further. You find yourself needing to hire more technicians, which you must keep track of remotely – including how long they take on each job, their customer service skills, and their payments. You can no longer work because you have a 40 hour job just recording data and dispatching your new employees. Now it is time to upgrade to PowerDispatch Pro.

PowerDispatch Pro will have everything you used in the Lite version, but now it will run in real time allowing you to hire a dispatcher who can input data as the day goes by. This now allows you to track the time a job has been opened, which ones are closed, future appointments, and everything else you loved before all in Real Time from anywhere you can access the internet. Now you have your whole week just to manage your employees and expand your marketing strategy with reports on where jobs are coming from, which advertisements bring the most jobs, and which technicians perform the best work.

Let us know if you want to try our demo software by contacting us now! This carpet cleaning software can help you smoothly boost your sales with no hassle and no worries. Remember, PowerDispatch is completely internet based, which means you always have your data backed up online anywhere you go.

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