PowerDispatch Lite New Release 13.06

June 18, 2013

The New Features Include:

  • Google+ Hangouts integration

  • Set Default Notification for technicians

  • Set Multiple companies for technicians with 1 click

  • Supports multiple addresses on all notification options

  • UI Improvements (User Interface and User Experience updates)

  • – Added Share Tab to enable instant sharing on various Social Media sites making it easier to receive referral credit.

  • – New Apply button in technicians settings to allow faster editing.

  • – Reports and Search results are saved when using the Back Button.

  • – Added technician avatars (powered by Gravatar.com)


New Features Details:


Google Hangouts Integration


The Google Hangout notification is now added to Power Dispatch to ensure a fast, reliable and easy communication between dispatchers and technicians in the field. It provides the users with instant messages that include links to the client phone and address, which are optimized specially for smart phones. Some of the many benefits of Google Hangouts include: video chatting with technicians, two-way communication, group chats and one cumulative account for all your jobs.


Simple Setup for Technician Smart Phones:

  • Create a Google account if you don’t already have a Gmail account. (For an easy start, follow the link:http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/)

  • Install Google+ Hangouts on your smart phone.

  • Open Hangouts and click the plus button

  • Type in powerdispatchmsg@gmail.com

  • An “add by e-mail” list will pop up with 1 entry. Tap it and messaging should now work.


Simple Setup for Technician Computers:


Google Hangouts Setup (PDF)


Verify that the technician notification settings in your software are correct:


(Settings > Technician > Click on technician)


  • Hangouts box is checked

  • Hangouts address is filled out and contains an @gmail.com address (or @jabber.org if they’re using Jabber)


Set Default Notification for Technicians



The new notification system allows you to set a default notification for each of your technicians, which will be active in the following job statuses: in progress, appointment and cancel. This feature will save your dispatchers’ time when they enter a job by automatically populating the desired notification check-box after they choose a technician.


- Please note: If you wish to disable notifications altogether, simply go to your technician’s information page in the settings tab. Uncheck the check box next to the technician’s email address and phone number and then save. If you did it correctly, you should now see a red X next to the technician’s phone number and email address.


Setup Instructions:


Settings > Technicians > Click on a technician > Check/Uncheck notification options.


Support for Multiple Addresses


Allows you to set multiple email addresses and phone numbers for the same technician as long as they are separated by semi-colon or comma. Please note that unless using Google Voice, all phone numbers are assumed to use the same mobile provider.


  • Phones (up to 128 characters)

  • E-mails (up to 256 characters)

  • Google Hangouts (up to 256 characters)


Set Multiple companies for Technicians with 1 Click


Setting up a technician is quicker and easier with this new feature. It allows you to set the technician’s percentages to all your referral companies at once.


Setup Instructions:


Settings > Technicians > Chose technician > In the Technician Information window click the drop down menu for select a company > Chose ‘All Companies’ > Fill in the technician rates > click Apply to save the changes or Save to save and close the technician window.


UI Improvements (User Interface and User Experience updates)


* Share Tab


The added Share Tab enables instant sharing on various Social Media sites, which makes it easier than ever to receive referral credit. When someone purchases the software because of your shared link, your account will be credited with a $30 referral credit. To view your credit simply check in the invoice of your next bill day.


* New Apply Button in Technicians Settings