Hourly Rates in PowerDispatch

After much anticipation the ability to pay your technicians using hourly rates has been added to PowerDispatch Lite!

We’ve been hard at work to make this upgrade a simple intuitive upgrade to our customers. We’ve also made a quick video tutorial explaining this new feature and how to use it:

New Feature – Hourly Rates explained

A few tips using the new hourly rate feature:

  • Make sure you enable Tech Hours and Hourly Rate under settings, reports.

  • Setup the technicians hourly rate under technician setting to auto load the right hourly rate for the technician when selecting a zone at job closing.

  • You can enable your users to view or not view, edit or not edit the technicians hourly pay by enabling or disabling View Tables and Edit Tables under User Settings.

For any questions please feel free to contact us at techsupport@seyego.com

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