Two-Way Messaging in PowerDispatch Lite

We are very happy to announce that Two-Way Messaging has been added to PowerDispatch Lite!

Starting Thursday night PowerDispatch customers will be able to receive and respond to all the incoming and outgoing SMS, Email, and Google+ Hangouts ™ messages directly from PowerDispatch on the new messages tab.

Checkout the video tutorial below to learn more about this exciting new feature:

With the new Two-Way Messaging you now can:

  • Read, send and reply to SMS’, Emails and Google+ Hangouts ™ from the new messages page.

  • Flag messages in different colors.

  • Filter messages by type, status and technician.

  • Open email attachments directly from your account, including reports sent out to technicians.

  • Control viewing of messages and attachments with new user permissions settings.

  • Enjoy an improved email message template, (see image.)

  • Request a Twillio phone number to be implemented to your account.

New job sent via email design:



  • To enable Two-Way messages: remove Reply-to Email and disable Google Voice in System settings.

  • Your new default Reply-to Email is now: your_account#@lite.serviceslogin.comfor example

  • Give this email to your technicians and referral companies and start recieving sms and emails directly to your PowerDispatch account

  • For Google+ Hangouts ™: your technicians must add to their contacts.

We are very happy about this new Feature and in-case you were wondering the answer is yes, we plan on adding this to PowerDispatch Pro soon.

UPDATED! (to be released on 1/2/2014):

  • Added real time message notifications!

  • Displaying your incoming e-mail address on the messages tab so it’s easily accessible.

  • Approved users can now delete messages.

  • Tweaked the show company in message behavior.

  • Added dispatcher filter to messages page.

  • New Windows 8.1 Metro icons.

  • Moved tech report notes to attachment.

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