Full Activity Feed, Updated UI, Open Twilio API and much more

We’ve been hard at work to bring you an assortment of useful features and quite a few tweaks and improvements, this is what we came up with:

Full Activity Feed!

Located under: Messages > Activity

The Activity Feed is a full tracking system that allows PowerDispatch users to follow everything that is done in their account. Enabling a user to view the activity feed allows him/her to keep track of all the user activities, job activities, settings changes, reports updates and so much more. For ease of use, we have also added different filters that can be used for sorting the Activity feed.

All of the job related activities on the feed have a View Job button that directs the user straight to the Job page. After a job was initially created, a new link called “Changes” appears in the line underneath the job ID, which takes the user back to the Activity feed of that specific job where he can see all registered activities for that job.


New User Permission options

  • View Activities ( to disable/enable a user from seeing activities)

  • Edit Users (Disable/Enable a user from editing system users)

Contact Client Button

Enables the user to instantly send an email to the client by redirecting him to the messages tab. Users without permission to view Messages will still be able to use this feature without seeing the rest of the messages.

UI Updates

  • Calendar upgrade – added tab, end time & better implementation of appointments and billing jobs.

  • Integrated user and technician Gravatars.

  • New icons throughout the whole system.

  • Improved color scheme.

  • Technician names and job ID were added to the overview report.

  • Enabled/Disabled menu for most settings options, (so disabled items are automatically hidden.)

  • Many more…


Open Twilio™ API Access

We’ve decided to make the Twilio™ SMS integration an open free for all API access! To start using Twilio™ to send and receive messages you will have to go to Twilio.com, signup, setup your billing and then input your Account SID and Auth Token into PowerDispatch (system settings). Select a new phone number in PowerDispatch and make sure that the check box that reads “Use Twilio™ for SMS:” is checked. You pay for your usage through your Twilio™ account and PowerDispatch gives you another option to send and receive SMS through the software. Twilio™ is a great option and we’ve seen great results with it.

Worldwide Support

We’ve also added World Wide support, any country not present in the drop down menu can be easily added, please contact us if you would like other countries to be added. Currently present countries are: United States, Australia, Austria, Belguim, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom

This update has launched on 2/4/2014 around 10 PM MST As always, if you encounter any bugs during or after this upgrade or have any questions/ideas/requests, we are available at (888)933-1033 or via email at support.

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