Message and Event Subscriptions, Job Colors and Flags, Ad Source and more!

We have some very exciting, big features for this release:

Messages Forwarding & Activity Subscriptions

Forward incoming and outgoing SMS and e-mails to phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your choice. Your responses will then be registered automatically into your software Messages page to provide you with full transparency.

You can also subscribe to get notifications for any activity that was performed on your PowerDispatch account. For example, if you want to be notified when any job closes or is canceled, now you can do that! Simply input your name, the phone or email address you would like to be notified, select Job Canceled or closed from the drop down, input your mobile carrier in case of text message and hit save. That’s it; you will be notified each time a job is closed or canceled.

PowerDispatch Activity Subscription Settings

Job Colors and Flags

Get the organization and control you desire by assigning colors and flags to your jobs that are visible on the Jobs, Calendar and Search pages.

Field Service Management Flags and Colors On Jobs

New Job Status!

Choose the new status Accepted for jobs without choosing a technician or appointment time. It is now the default job status for new jobs to allow for adding jobs faster.

Advertisement Sources

Set advertisement sources for jobs on the Add Job page and get full advertising report by metro to help you manage your marking more efficiently.

Power Dispatch Field Service Management Advertisement Sources Tracking

Rethought Callbacks

Use the new duplicate button to repeat any job.

The callback original job ID is now being saved inside your callback for future references and is click-able. Only users with the appropriate permissions will be able to close callbacks on zero, but all users are able to create callbacks.

User Permissions Settings for Users

New user permission now allows you to choose which user can close jobs with total zero. Simply mark the checkbox next to the permission: Close jobs on zero.

Mobile Friendly Directions

Get directions on the road easily and directly from your PowerDispatch account.

New Timestamps

We added more times to the Add Job and the Jobs pages so you can see the exact time when your job was accepted, moved to In Progress, and other statuses.

On Hold & Billing notes on the Jobs board and job board status display changes

  • We replaced the Item column on your Jobs board for On Hold, Billing and cancelled status’s with the respective status notes for easier and faster dispatching.

  • Closed and canceled jobs are now also displayed on the job board for 2 hours.

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