2-Way Messages - Pro Upgrade

PowerDispatch Pro has been upgraded to include 2-Way Messaging!

PowerDispatch Pro 2-Way Messaging in Tablet

You now have a new Messages page where you can track all your business comunications in one place!

Send and recieve unlimited text and e-mail messages, as well as follow all of your conversations on the messages page. Start new conversations, contact clients, send replies and follow ups, and much more.

You also get a new set of filters to help you find what you need in the quickest way possible. This enables you to filter messages by contacts, users, dates, type of message (e-mail/sms), status (sent/recieved), contains (an open text field) and show where you can find all messages including forwards if needed.

To compose a new message, simply click the "New" button on the top of the page on the right of the filters area.

To star t a new conversation with a technician who already sent you a message simply click on the technician's icon and the new message window will open for you pre-filled with the technician's communication information. To change your technician's icon, ask your technicians to upload an image to Gravatar.com, using the e-mail that you set on their technicians setings page.


Messages wil arrive with a sound notification and the latest messages count on the messages tab. You can also allow desktop notifications so you will get a popup of any new incoming message. To disable sound notifications click on the speaker icon on the top right side.

Message Forwarding You can set up PowerDispatch to forward a copy of all the e-mails and text messages that go through the system to you. You can receive a copy via e-mail or if you use Twilio you can put a phone number there too and receive the messages using Twilio. Please be aware that Twilio usage rates will apply.

Twilio Phone Number You can upgrade your system to include a Twilio phone number at any point. This will allow you to send messages from a real phone number and will give you the most reliable and fastest delivery rates.

Twilio Setup Instructions: Open your Twilio account on the Twilio website. Then on another tab open PowerDispatch Pro and go to Settings> System> Twilio> and enter your Twilio account credentials, specifically your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN, then press the save button, once this is done correctly you will be presented with an option to Register a new phone number. Please continue to Register a new phone number, once you have purchased a phone number simply make sure it has a checkmark next to it. If it does and also the checkbox to "Use Twilio™ for text messages: I understand usage charges apply" is checked, then you are all setup and good to go. From now on all the text messages you send through the system are sent using the Twilio phone number and responses to your phone number go to your messages page and text forwards as you set them up in Twilio Settings.

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