Technician to Client Call Recording

Note: our call recording feature has been updated since this post, please also read Call Recording Update 1.


Starting today, PowerDispatch Lite customers can record calls between the technician and the client, thus improving client retention and closing rates.

The “Record Phone Calls” permission costs $9 per technician per month plus Twilio usage per Twilio pricing. You must setup Twilio on your PowerDispatch account in order to make use of this feature.

Introduction Special

Enjoy the “Record Phone Calls” feature until the end of january 2016 with no additonal charge to your PowerDispatch subscription, (Twilio usage charges apply through Twilio.)

Note: our call recording feature has been updated since this post, please also read Call Recording Update 1.


We’ve implemented recording by hiding the client’s phone number from the technician and instead we’ve added a Call Client button and a Call Job Menu button to the Technician Portal:

Call Client (button) - When a technician has the record phone calls permission turned on under technician settings he will no longer see the client’s phone number in the message or in the technician portal. Instead he will place the call by clicking on the Call Client button and he will recieve a call from the system to create the connection with the client.

Call Job Menu (button) - The Call Job Menu option will allow the technician to interact with your company using an IVR (Interactive Voice Response.) The call job menu option will only appear if the IVR option is enabled on Twilio settings under Integrations. This option will enable your technician to listen to his jobs and manage them from his custom IVR.

You can add an optional pin for the technician to access the IVR Menu, (Technician Settings->Voice Pin)

Call Job Menu Options:

1 - Confirm job Marks the job as confirm on the Job Board, (a green circle will appear around the technician gravatar.) 2 - Call Client Connects the call to the client. 3 - Leave Message Allows the technician to leave a message for the company about the job, this message will appear under activities, comments and messages so you can’t miss it. 4 - Decline Job Marks the job as declined on the Job Board, (a red block will appear around the technicians gravatar.) 9 - Job Menu Plays the technician a list of his current jobs so he can manage them in one place.

Tech Phone (input field) - The Tech Phone field allows the technician to see/set the phone number that the system will call him on in order to place the call with the client.


After the call is completed it's recording will appear on the Add Job Log and in the Recordings and Activities pages. The Log tab is a simplified way to view all job related activities, comments and recordings in one place, while the new Recordings page gives you a larger overview on all your recordings organized in chronological order.

Add Job - Log tab

Location: Edit Job-> Log The new Log tab contains your comments as before but now it also displays the job’s activities. Any user can see the job's basic activities but only users with the View Activities permission will be able to see and play the job’s recordings. These users can also click on the activity’s timestamp to see the full activity Changelog that reveals who did what on the job.

Recordings page

Location: Messages->Recordings New Recordings page allows you to view all the recordings stored in your system from newest to oldest or filter them by date and technician for specific review. Only users with the permission to view activities will be able to see the Recordings page.

For your convenience, the recordings page displays:

  • The recording's timestamp.

  • The type of recording: 1. Conference - technician to client calls. 2. Message - left to you by technicians or clients.

  • The technician's name or phone number (depending on whether the number used is set as a technician.)

Activities page

Location: Messages->Activities Recordings of all types are now also stored in the Activities tab and they can easily be located by using the new Call Log Events filters under the Event dropdown menu. This enables you to quickly find any recording related activity that you need.

Only users with permission to view the activities page will be able to see the activities page.

Help Section

We’ve added a new help section that is accessible from pages who have support content written for them: Technician Settings, Company Settings and Twilio Settings. We intend on adding many more pages in the future.

Updated Terms of Service

For this release we’ve updated our terms of service and they are visible here.

As always, we are here to help if you have any issues or have any question please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone at (888) 933-1033!

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