Credit Card Processing, Job Menu & more

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Credit card processing, job menu & more

In today's market, fast response is a key to a successful field service business. Keeping this in mind we have developed many new features to maximize your workflow efficiency. Now you can process credit cards from the Add Job page, edit jobs and send messages from your Jobs Board, choose default filters for users, and much more. Try them out today!

Credit Card processing

You are now able to accept credit card payments quickly and easily directly from your Add Job page. Simply click on the new CC payment method, enter the amount and save the job.

After this you will be redirected to the secure payment page. To make it quick and easy, PowerDispatch will pre-fill all your client’s information from the Add Job page. All you need to do is enter the credit card number and expiration date and process the payment.

In the Add Job page you will now see the payment approval number and status details. This information is imported from and it is not editable.

You can add as many payments you want for every job. To add another payment simply click on the CC payment method again, put in the sum to charge and save the job.

In order to see the CC payment option and use PowerDispatch credit card processing feature you need to have an account with* and set your account payment gateway in PowerDispatch.

Go to: Settings > Integrations > Payments >

- Mark the checkbox "Use for processing payments".

- Put in your API Login ID & Transaction Key.

- if your account is set to use an MD5 Hash then you will need to put it in but it is an optional feature.

Job Menu

To save you even more time, the PowerDispatch new Job Menu enables you to easily edit jobs directly from your Jobs board.

To view the new Job Menu either right click on a job or click on the 3 bars menu on the left.

You can change the job’s and the technician’s status, assign a new technician to a job, message the technician, create new appointments, add comments, change the job color and much more.

Jobs Board Popup

In peak times, when the phone doesn’t stop ringing and you have hundreds of jobs on hand, the Jobs Detail page is your best friend. Without leaving the jobs board you now can see a detailed overview of the job, change and message technicians, change statuses, book appointments, write comments, view activities, and much more.

To activate this feature you need to switch the Popup button on the top of the Jobs Board from Off to On:

When The popup is on, you can simply click on a job to access it. You can perform a few tasks from the popup like: Change Tech, Send Job,Change status, Change job color and change/add flag to job.If you need to edit the client information or other details, you can use the Edit Job button in the left side of the popup page and you will be redirected to the Add Job page.

Default Filters for Users

If your company provides services in multiple industries and different locations at the same time, the default filters are perfect for you. With this feature you can set what your users see on their jobs board, so everyone can handle their tasks better and faster without distractions. Jobs board filters stay selected as long as the user is logged in, and they can be cleared at any time to view all the jobs.

This is very handy, for example if you may want to operate both a garage door business and a locksmith business in one place where you can oversee it all. PowerDispatch default filters enable you to easily manage as many companies as you want all under one account. Simply set the company filter for each user so one user will view and dispatch the jobs for your garage door company and the second user the jobs for your locksmith company, while your own user can see it all.

As you know PowerDispatch is here to make your work life easier every day!

We hope you enjoy our new features and like always we want your feedback!

Please call or e-mail us with any questions.

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