Call Recordings - The Full Guide!

March 8, 2016


Call Recordings



  (Only pay Twilio Usage)


until 5/31/16



3 fast ways to record your Technician-Client conversations!


Ensure your client's satisfaction! 


Maintaining a company's good image can be a difficult task, and the more employees you have, the harder it gets. To make things easy on you we have integrated a new Call Recordings system that enables you to hide your client's phone numbers and record your technician-client conversations with a simple click. Call Recordings helps you to ensure that your clients remain yours and that you know exactly how they are being treated at all times. Not only that you are now able to catch undesirable behaviors that cost your business losses, you are also able to prevent them from happening on the spot. This feature was reported by our clients to drastically improve customer retention, satisfaction and closing rates.  Continue reading for more details below.






Place a call from your Tech Portal's user interface.


Send your technicians a tech portal link with the job message and place calls from there. 


This is the perfect solution for anyone who sends jobs to subcontractors or area managers who are not the technicians that will perform the job in the field. 


When your contact person forwards the tech portal link to his technicians, they will be able to insert their phone number in the Tech Phone field and place the call to the client. They only need to enter their phone number once and their browser will remember it for any future jobs they get.</