Goodbye 2020, see you never

July 26, 2021

With 2020 now coming to a close we can be happy we made it through the end! it was not easy for anyone. Let's hope for a much better and less secluded 2021 filled with lots of hugs and fun.

Here at PowerDispatch we have been hard at work for you, adding features, improving performance and stability, thinking about what you need and expect from a field service management software. In the last year alone we have done the following and more:

Jobox App integration

Gone are the days where dispatch and processing are on separated platforms. You technicians can now use the Jobox app that will be in full sync to your PowerDispatch account. What does it mean? The Jobox App can automatically update PowerDispatch when a job is confirmed, declined, updated, canceled, and/or closed (all settings are fully customizables for you and how you want to run your business)

Job Comments Revolution!

You can now find all job-related messages on both the message page AND the job comments!

Each message will be attached to the relevant job for easier filtering on the messages page and will also be saved as comments for quick access while reviewing the job.

New Technician permissions

Skip Pending Close

  • Skips Pending Close when closing a job from TechPortal to automatically put the job in Closed status.

Cancel Job

  • Allows the Technician to notify the company of a cancel from the TechPortal, when used without the Skip Pending Cancel permission it will put the job under Pending Cancel

Skip Pending Cancel

  • Skips the Pending Cancel status and puts the  job directly in Cancelled status.

Handle tech declines as cancels

  • Handles any tech decline as a cancel(great for only tech in area situations)
  • Works in tandem with Cancel Job and Skip Pending Cancel

New User Permissions

View Closed Info

  • Blocks a user from seeing closed job payment information
  • Does not block a user from entering closing information and closing the job.

View Recordings

  • Allows for more granular control of who can listen to recordings

Additional features/changes

  • Auto Generate document numbers
  • Improved Email delivery rates
  • Improved twilio and messages page loading times
  • Improved jobs list loading times
  • Upgraded servers and improved scalability
  • PowerDispatch is now faster then it has ever been
  • Filter recordings by phone number


As you can see we have been hard at work and are happy about the result, if you have any questions please contact us at 888-933-1033 today, we are here to help.

Thank you for reading and from all of us here at Powerdispatch Happy New Year and an awesome 2021