Jobox Integration is now LIVE!!

Make the most of PowerDispatch with the new Jobox integration

Automate your workflow and reduce errors.

Save time and get visibility into the field.

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Automated Job statuses

Get confirmation as soon as your tech accepts the job in the Jobox app. Automate your job list by setting jobs to move to In-Progress automatically.

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Full Payment visibility

When the tech processes payment and closes the job, set the job to switch to Pending-Closed or Closed status, whichever way you prefer!

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Messages directly on the job

Stop spending time assigning text messages to jobs. Incoming technician messages appear on the job without any work.

See how it works:

Get Started:


Connect a twilio account

If you don't already have a Twilio account, sign up at or reach out to us and we'll get you set up on the PD account for a low price!


Set up your techs on Jobox

Your technicians can download and set up Jobox account easily, and for free! Once they have their Jobox virtual number, update it in their notification options.


Automate your workflow

Automate your job statuses, notifications and job board based on what your technicians are doing in the field