Is there a field app for my techs to use?

Yes, your technicians can use the Jobox app for free! The Jobox app is fully integrated with PowerDispatch and really helps both the tech and the office to maintain a better workflow and improved results.

For which industries is PowerDispatch suitable?

PowerDispatch is suitable to all the field service industries, including but not limited to: locksmith, carpet cleaning, garage door, plumbing, pest control, air duct cleaning, towing, and any kind of repair business. You have the freedom to customize the software for your specific needs by setting your own companies, technicians, job descriptions, advertising sources and more.  Nevertheless, a full one on one setup is provided with the initial purchase of the software.

Does it cost extra to send SMS through the software?

No. It is FREE to send and receive SMS with PowerDispatch using email to SMS gateways. We set no limits on the number of messages and emails that you can send in both the USA and Canada. There is also an option to assign a phone number to your software by connecting a Twilio account which is faster and more reliable, Twilio is required in order to use the Jobox app.

How do I know that my business information is secure?

PowerDispatch is powered by Jobox AI, a software development company located in  Palo Alto, the center of silicon valley. Security is our number one priority.

Complex passwords with a minimum password length of 8 characters are required for all users by default.   PowerDispatch staff does not access customer data as part of normal procedures.  There may be cases where PowerDispatch is requested by the customer to access his data for support purposes. All access by PowerDispatch staff is accompanied by customer approval and is controlled and documented including reason of access, action taken by staff and support session time stamp.

In addition, your PowerDispatch account has a comprehensive activity log that tracks any action performed on your system, including who logged in, from which IP. and at what time. PowerDispatch's technical support team is prohibited from logging into your account without your consent and proper identification. All technical support visits are documented on your activity log as well.  Try it on the activities page.  With PowerDispatch you can relax knowing that no one is accessing your information, except you and your authorized users.

How many technicians/companies can I set in PowerDispatch?

In our basic version you have the option to set an unlimited amount of companies and technicians. A limited version is also available for smaller companies, whcih allows you to set up to 5 technicians and 5 companies.

How can I see a free demo

Simply create your free trial account here, our support will be available after to guide you through the whole system setup from A to Z, contact us using the in software chat button.

Do I need to download anything or do I access it online?

PowerDispatch is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere at any time as long as you have internet access available. There is no need to download anything, and you can login to your account from any computer, tablet and smart phone.

Which countries does PowerDispatch support?

PowerDispatch supports the whole USA and Canada for SMS purposes. However, while using email or with the help of Twilio you can use the system anywhere in the world, your country isnt on the list? no problem! contact us and we'll add it for you!
Also of course you can access the software from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

What are your prices and refund policy?

We strive to make every part of your experience with PowerDispatch as pleasant, easy and meaningful as possible. We are sure you will love our software, but in case it does not meet your needs we do offer a two week full money back guarantee.

Do I need to sign a contract in order to use the software?

For every new account you will have to fill out an electronic form that includes a credit card authorization form and a M2M service agreement. The charge for your account will be collected automatically every month on your bill day, and you can cancel it at any time that you need to close the account or put it on hold.
You can either pay month to month or receive a discount for payment in advance, software pricing on the website are for payment in advance with the discount.

How many people can access the software simultaneously?

The number of people who can access your PowerDispatch account simultaneously is your number of users. The software price is set per user, so if for example you have 3 users, all the users can access the software at the same time and they all can see everything that was done on their account according to their user permissions.

What makes you better than your competitors?

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use, yet full featured and designed to help you manage your business in the most efficient way possible.

With PowerDispatch, you can be assured that your information is secure and that no one has access to your account without your approval, including us! You can verify this for yourself at any time from the extensive activity log on your software account.

The PowerDispatch team is known for our professionalism in the software development world since 2007 and our technical support representatives are always willing to help with any questions that you may have.