PowerDispatch Lite is now simply PowerDispatch

July 26, 2021

Starting today when referring to PowerDispatch Lite we will simply refer to it as PowerDispatch.

Over the last year, we have made several key upgrades to PowerDispatch Lite as well as integrated some of the best features from the Pro version. Going forward, we will be moving to having one great software for all our users - PowerDispatch.

The main upgrades are

  • Jobox App integration
  • Job Comments Revolution
  • New Technician and User permissions
  • Automated Customer Notifications

You can read about some of these upgrades and more here and here

@PowerDispatch Pro Users - We will be sending a separate email to you about how you can start using some of these new features as well. Stay posted for more information.

This rebranding does not impact any of the PowerDispatch Lite workflows so you have nothing to worry about and no action is needed.

For any questions or if you want more information please call PowerDispatch at 888-933-1033