Say hello to a faster PowerDispatch!

July 26, 2021

Faster Jobs List

One of the fastest dispatching software solutions out there just got faster, we have released an update to PowerDispatch that improves loading for the jobs list page.

No longer will you have to wait for all your jobs to load in order to see them in the right order or open the popup. These latest changes coupled with the upgraded servers from earlier this year tremendously improves the noticeable performance resulting in the fastest, most capable PowerDispatch software ever.

Auto Generate document numbers

We have added the ability to auto generate document numbers so when you are creating an invoice from scratch you can simply click on the Create number button and a random 5 digit number will be created for the document.

Google Maps updates

If you are searching for an address in Los Angeles and that address is in a neighborhood then going forward you will notice that the software will use the neighborhood name as the city name.

Instead of using Boulevard, Court, Street and such the system will now use the abbreviated version for example Blvd, Ct, St.


Also in this release we have improved the spam score for outbound job email so when you are sending a job out via email you have a higher chance it will be accepted to the technicians email address. We have also released a few minor bug fixes.

If you have any issues or feedback you would like to provide please contact us at 1-888-933-1033, Thanks, your friendly PowerDispatch team.