Two-Way Messaging

PowerDispatch Field Service Software 2 way Messaging on Tablet
PowerDispatch Field Service Software 2 way Messaging on Mobile Phone


Send and receive unlimited SMS and Emails from within your account at no additional cost. 


Both incoming and outgoing messages are stored in one place, giving you the ability to easily track all business related communications. 

PowerDispatch Field Service Software 2 way Messaging on Tablet

Your account's incoming email address; give it to your contacts and start recieving SMS and emails to your system right away.

Send a Follow Up message to your technician.  

Hit Reply to send a message back to the same person. 

Send new SMS or Email unrelated to previous conversations. Recipients will be able to reply back directly to your Messages tab.

Locate your message details in the bottom of each message, including: message type, status, time stamp. and the sender and receiver names. 

Flag messages in different colors to highlight what's important to you.

Technician's Avatars are clickable and you can use them to open a new message window to that technician.

View attachments from your account and track all outgoing reports.

Filter messages by date, message type, contact name and  much more.  Choose the filters you want and your messages board will change automatically to reflect your requests. 

Click View Job to quickly modify the job or resend it to a technician. 


When a new message arrives to the system, you are notified immediately.

PowerDispatch Field Service Software Incoming Message Notifications

Each user can also set browser notifications and recive a pop up of the messages to the browser window. 

PowerDispatch Field Service Software Incoming Message Desktop Notifications



Don't waste time typing! Receive jobs from other PowerDispatch accounts directly to your system and add the job with a single click. 


When you receive a job in a message you will see an "Add Job" button. Click on this button to be redirected to the Add Job page and all the new job information will be filled in automatically. 

PowerDispatch Field Service Management - Job Exchange



You have an option to upgrade your SMS system by integrating a Twilio™ phone number at any given moment. 


Twilio™ is an external phone services provider that will associate a phone number with your PowerDispatch account for phone to phone communication. This provides you with the most reliable SMS delivery rates. 


Twilio™ usage charges apply separately according to your Twilio account terms and conditions. 


Twilio & Google Voice API phone number Integrations for Field Service businesses
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