Job Settlements

You may have noticed that your PowerDispatch Payment Report was recently modified. You saw correctly! As requested by many of our software users, we added a feature called Settlements to help you manage the balance with your technicians and companies more efficiently.

Job Settlements

(Reports > Payment)

This feature allows you to settle individual or multiple jobs for each technician and company separately.

Settling the job means the balance between you and the technician/company for this job is paid, and the new total balance will change accordingly.

To settle an individual job, click on the new checkbox that appears on the right of each job in the technician/company payment report. On the bottom of the report you will now see a new orange line, where you can find the settle/unsettle button. If you desire to settle all the jobs at once, simply check the top checkbox to mark all the jobs on that specific report for settlements.

Once you settled jobs you are still able to view them using the new settled/unsettled/all filter on the top right of the payment report page. The rest of your reports and statistics are not modified by job’s settlement so you can freely change a job from settle to unsettled with no worries.

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