Job Exchange on PowerDispatch Lite!

Job Exchange between multiple companies and technicians who use PowerDispatch Lite is now easier than ever!

When a referral company sends you a job from their PowerDispatch account to your PowerDispatch account, you will now see a new “Add Job” button underneath the job message in the messages tab. All you need to do next is to click on it to create a new job. This will take you directly to the Add Job page and it will automatically fill in all the job details in the correct fields. No more copying and pasting, simply use the new “Add Job” button and see how much faster dispatching gets done.

Field Service Management Job Exchange Example

Would you like to start sending your technicians jobs directly to their PowerDispatch account?

Its very simple!

Go to Settings > Technicians > Chose the technician > add his PowerDispatch email address to their email notification.

If you have a different email for their reports simply use comma between the 2 emails. To set the email as a default for their new jobs notifications, check the check-box next to the E-mail field.

As far as receiving jobs from companies? just give them your PowerDispatch email address and save theirPowerDispatch email address into “Company settings”, if its all done correctly then when you click on add job on the messages page you will also see the “Company” drop down already filled out. That’s it. You are now able to exchange jobs easily and quickly with no extra work!

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