Job Comments, Map View and more

We are happy to introduce PowerDispatch‘s latest release that includes many new features highly requested by our customers.

The highlights:

  • Map View

  • Job comments

  • Add a job in calendar

  • Job Board Status filter

  • Search Fields – Metro & Job Description

  • Searchable drop down lists

  • Setting tab called Jobs

Power Dispatch Job Exchange send to technician

Map View Giving you maximum efficiency

PowerDispatch ’s Jobs Board was upgraded to include a new Map tab as well as Address and Radius filters, so you can track your jobs in a view that fits you! Giving you the ability to browse quickly in map, calendar and list views

Simply input the desired zip code in the new Address filter and chose the address you need from the list. Once the address is selected the Job board will change automatically to reflect your search results. If you wish to see a different radius, make sure to change the Radius filter before choosing the address.

Your jobs on the Map view appear as pins in the jobs color. When you click on a pin a popup of the job details comes up allowing you to quickly view your jobs and edit them by clicking on the Job ID. For ultimate flexibility you can zoom the map in and out using the scroll bar on the left as well as filter the map using the other available Job Board filters.

Job Comments Making it easy for you to work smarter

Most business owners would agree that an organized and efficient workflow is a key to maintaining happy clients and having a successful business. Keeping this in mind, PowerDispatch’s new Comments feature was designed to make it easy for you to work smarter.

You now can add unlimited job comments by using the new Comments tab in the Add Job page. To help you achieve the most productive workflow, PowerDispatch’s Comments allow you to toggle freely between editing the job information and the job comments while saving it all once.

This is not all. We also added new settings that allow you to set default comments organized by categories of your choice. These preset comments will then appear in the New Comment dropdown from which you can choose instantly, making sure that you are not wasting time on manual typing and unnecessary labor.

PowerDispatch Edit Job Comments Field Service Management

Jobs Settings You are in control

The Settings page was adjusted to include the recent features displaying a new tab called Jobs which consolidates the Comments, Advertising, Descriptions and Metro settings. Go to Settings, Jobs and use the menu on the left to choose which feature you would like to edit.

Job Board Status Filter View what you need when you need it.

The improved Job Board now includes a new filter that allows you to view only the jobs in specific statuses. Choose as many statuses you want to see or simply choose nothing to view all statuses and click Search. You will now have a Job Board that is organized by the status of your choice allowing you to view quickly what you need when you need it.

Search Filters Metro and Job Descriptions

As part of this release we added new search options to the Search Tab. You now can search for jobs by their Job Descriptions and Metros giving you another way to find what you need faster. You can always edit your metro and description lists in the Settings tab located under the new Jobs tab.

Add A Job In Calendar If you like using the calendar you will like this

You now have a new Add Job button when you hover on a specific day in the calendar. When you click on this button you will be redirected to the Add Job page to set a new job. Both the appointment date and the job date will change accordingly to reflect the date that you clicked on in the calendar. To those who enjoy calendar view, this feature will transform your experience.

Searchable drop down menus You requested we delivered

The drop down menus on the Add Job page were redesigned to allow you to search for what you need faster without the hassle of scrolling down. Simply start typing the company name, technician name, job description or advertisement source and the corresponding option will be available for a quick selection. Searchable drop down menus give you the ability to sort through 500 options in seconds if you ever need to.

As always we are here to help, if you need any help during or after this release or simply have a question or remark you can reach us at (888)933-1033

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