Pro to Lite Job Exchange and more...

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  • Job exchange from Pro to Lite

  • Allow IP lock on multiple addresses

  • Better SMS

  • Improved Job Board

Power Dispatch Job Exchange send to technician

Job Exchange Pro to Lite Send jobs between PowerDispatch accounts in seconds.

  • Step 1: Set your technician’s PowerDispatch account email address in technician settings under the new Job Exchange notification option at: Settings > Employees > Technicians > Choose Technician > Set Job Exchange Email as a default notification.

  • Step 2: Send jobs to technicians regularly and choose the Job Exchange notification option

Job Exchanges come out from a unique email created for your account, this is currently an outbound only email address. your new outbound only email address for Job Exchange in Pro is this: acct-(account number) for example

For maximum efficiency you can deliver the job to the tech using SMS and PowerDispatch Job Exchange, that way they can handle the job as soon as possible while on the field and then add the job to their software easily whenever they are in front of their computer or on their phone.

Lock Multiple IP’s Get total control over your users.

In a competitive business as the service industry security is a high priority. Keeping this in mind, we updated our Lock IP feature to give you the ability to set multiple IP addresses to each user restricting him to use your account only from those IP’s.

Better SMS So you can write everything you want.

We have implemented an algorithm that delivers longer SMS messages when possible depending on your carrier. No more appointment time or notes cut offs. This upgrade allows PowerDispatch to send MMS instead of SMS preventing from Mobile providers to divide the message.

Improved Job Board for maximum efficiency

Your upgraded Jobs Board now includes technicians phone numbers and avatars for faster communication and easy sorting, (tell your technicians to use their email address to create avatars on In addition, the Jobs Board colors were also slightly adjusted to further ease the process of toggling between jobs.

PowerDispatch Job Board improvements

As always we are here to help, if you need any help during or after this release or simply have a question or remark you can reach us at (888)933-1033

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