November December PowerDispatch Updates

December 15, 2014

Get to know your new features.
PowerDispatch moved to a new home to provide faster performance (around 33% faster in peak times) and many new and exciting features.


Nearby Jobs locator.
Minimize driving time and fuel expenses.


Locate the nearest technician to your client. Click on the new "Nearby Jobs" button under the map, on the "Add Job" page to view all the jobs within a 15 mile radius of your client’s address.


Technicians Metros & New Settings.
Get your nationwide service business organized.


Set Metro areas for your technicians on the new "Technicians Settings" page. This will sort your technician list on the "Add Job" page to show you only the technicians who work in that client’s metro.


Automated Time Zone Selection 
Minimize dispatchers’ closing mistakes and let PowerDispatch choose the correct time zone for you.