2-Way Messages - Pro Upgrade

August 28, 2015

PowerDispatch Pro has been upgraded to include 2-Way Messaging!



You now have a new Messages page where you can track all your business comunications in one place!

Send and recieve unlimited text and e-mail messages, as well as follow all of your conversations on the messages page.
Start new conversations, contact clients, send replies and follow ups, and much more.


You also get a new set of filters to help you find what you need in the quickest way possible.
This enables you to filter messages by contacts, users, dates, type of message (e-mail/sms), status (sent/recieved), contains (an open text field) and show where you can find all messages including forwards if needed.


To compose a new message, simply click the "New" button on the top of the page on the right of the filters area.

To star
t a new conversation with a technician who already sent you a message simply click on the technician's icon and the new message window will open for you pre-filled with the technician's communication information. To change your technician's icon, ask your technicians to upload an image to Gravatar.com, using the e-mail that you set on their technicians setings page.