Technician User, New Pending Close Status and a new Jobs Menu for the Tech Portal

As you know Last Week we launched the new PowerDispatch Technician Portal. This week we are introducing the first set of upgrades so your technician will now be able to close jobs and act as a user. Read on for the list of upgrades we've added for you to PowerDispatch Lite this week so far:

Allow Technicians to Close Job

If you would like your service technicians to enter closing information from the field then you can enable your technicians to input closing information on the job using the Tech Portal. Once a job was closed by a technician, the job will switch status to Pending Close (on the Jobs Board) and the payment information will be displayed in the system.

This is a permium feature that will be free to try and use until december 31st 2015 and then cost $3 per technician per month.

See the instructions below on how to set the new technician Permissions:

go to : Settings->Technicians->Click on desired technician->Tech Portal Permissions->Close Jobs

See Permissions image below

Pending Close - New Job Status

We've added a new status called Pending Close. Use this status to put payment information on jobs that shouldn't be closed yet. Or when the "Close Job" permission is enabled from the technician then the technician will put jobs into the new Status from the Technician Portal.

Tech Jobs Menu

We've added a jobs menu to the tech portal so that technicians can see their latest jobs and switch between them easily.


go to :- Settings -> Technicians and click on the desired technician and check the "Show Jobs" checkbox from the Tech Portal Permissions box at the bottom of the page.

Password for Tech Portal

You can now add a layer of security to the Tech Portal, Go to the technician's settings and put a pin or password in the pin field.

go to :- Settings->Technicians->Click on desired technician->PIN->Enter PIN or Password.->Save

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