Call Recording Update 1

As you remember a few days ago we released our call recording feature(read more), well We’re quite happy to say our call recording feature just got even better, read on for more info.

New! Client calling back to tech on Twilio number

Starting today when clients call back to the twilio number from the same phone they will be reconnected with the last technician that called them instead of hearing the IVR or connecting to the forwarding number, when a customer isn't recognized as a customer who spoke to a technician he will receive the IVR or be directly connected with the forwarding number as per the settings.

Update 1/28/2016: the client tech call back connection will only work for 1 day from the last call between the two.

New! Send Call Link Permission

We’ve added a new permission to technician settings, this permission will allow the technician to receive a Tech Portal Link that automatically calls the technician’s phone, connects it with the client and opens the tech portal all at once! If the tech is a referral company you probably don’t want to use this but if the tech you sent the job to is actually the technician who will do the job then yes, use this feature to save time.

The technician will receive in the message a link like this: Call:

Once clicked the tech portal will open and a few moment after the technician’s phone will ring, the technician can answer and then be connected to the client, this makes it so calling the client is only two clicks! one on the link from the message and the 2nd to answer!!

As always, we are here to help if you have any issues or have any question please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone at (888) 933-1033!

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