Job Board Updates and more

February 9, 2016


Hello and thank you for reading, as you may have noticed we have been changing some stuff around and adding new features on PowerDispatch Lite.


Filter Improvements


Your filter selection is now saved meaning if you input filters on the jobs board page and then switch to a different page and return to the jobs board then the filters will remember your selection.

To clear your filters simply click the new Clear button, it will reset the page and load it with all the jobs.


Tech jobs status tracking


You can now see what the tech job status is on the job board, you do this by checking out the color around the gravatar:


Yellow: Job has not been sent to technician yet.

White: Job has been sent to technician

Green: Technician Confirmed job

Red: Technician Declined job


Job Time


The job’s actual time will now display on the Jobs Board under the metro name of the job so you know what time it is at the jobs location.


Job Exchange Upgrade


We have added new fields where you can save the technician's and company's job exchange email address so you can have their regular email for reports and a separate place to store their Job exchange email address for easy dispatching.


We’ve also:

Added Phone extensions to jobs

Added sorting to payments report

and more.



As always, we are here to help if you have any issues or have any question please feel free to contact us online or by phone at (888) 933-1033!

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