PowerDispatch Voice, Ad Source Tracking & More

May 11, 2016

Dear PowerDispatch users,


Let us show you how we revolutionized dispatching with our new PowerDispatch Voice Dispatching feature.


And this is not all! Many more exciting features were recently added to give you effective business insights and to help you customize the software to your specific needs. Our newest features include: Ad Source Tracking, Users and Type Reports, jobs board settings, and much more.

Voice Dispatching


Save time by sending jobs to your technicians using our new auto attendant.



You now have a new job notification option called “Voice”, which enables you to send jobs to your technicians as a voice message that is easy to confirm or decline.


To use this remarkable feature simply enable Voice on your Twilio settings page, and you will have the ability to send jobs to technicians using an IVR. Only once the technician confirms the job he will hear the job’s full details and will be able to call the client directly from his IVR. 


Voice Dispatching is a unique feature developed by PowerDispatch to improve technician to client response and talk time. PowerDispatch Voice also simplifies call recordings, which is a highly recommended feature with proven results in reducing cancellations and improving closing rates. Click here to read more about our Call Recording feature.

Ad Source Call Tracking


PowerDispatch now automatically tracks advertising sources by matching your client’s phone number, so you know exactly how much money you make from each advertisement!