Suggestions for email-to-text message issues

If you are having email-to-text issues, there are a few things you can do to help solve them:

  1. Have your technicians save your PowerDispatch account’s email address to their phone You can find your software’s email address in the messages page underneath your filters. Some phone carriers will go over the receiving phone’s contacts and if the receiver has saved an email address that is trying to send messages to that phone’s email they will bypass the phone carrier spam filtering that may be blocking your messages from arriving into that phone’s email address(which arrive into the text app)

  2. Make sure your technicians are using their phone’s default text app to receive texts

  3. Make sure you have set your “Company name” under system settings and that you are set to send either referral company name or master company name under “Show Company in Messages”

  4. Have your technician make sure their phone is up to date with the latest version

  5. Have your technicians call their phone carrier to open a ticket because they are not receiving email-to-text messages from the domain

  6. Leave the Reply-To Email field on System settings page empty.

If you continue to experience issues, please let us know so we can offer additional assistance at (888)933-1033.

Thank you,

The PowerDispatch team

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